Sunday, July 10, 2011

22 months old...

We are so busy these days that there isn't much time for updating our blog. We love to jump off things, wear other people shoes, draw, watch movies, play in the hose, go for rides in the car, and feed any animal grass or weeds. We don't get outside too often because after 9am everything is too hot.
Tristan's loves to talk, his newest phrase is "Good Job!" and "Hi Guys" I am saying things too but they are not as clear as Tristan's words are.
Our mommy is starting her second term of nurse practitioner school and daddy is staying busy at the bank. I think we keep them busier than both work and school though!
Here are some recent pictures for you...

Tristan in his Elmer Fudd hat from Grandpa Havens

and Titan in his Elmer Fudd hat