Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas day

We sure had a fun Christmas. We started our day out opening our presents. We got lots of clothes and toys. Our Great Grandma and Grandpa from Iowa sent us farm animals with John Deer tractor's and our very own John Deer tractor hats. We also got baby Einstein toys from our Grammy in Colorado, she is coming to visit us in two more weeks and we can't wait to show her all the new things we do.

After we opened all of our presents our parents put us down for a nap so they could have a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs.

Later our Grandma DeAnn came over and she brought us a Thomas the train book and a Mickey Mouse book that our Mommy read to us before we went to bed. When the sun started to go down our parents loaded us up in the car and took us into town to see all the Christmas lights. We didn't make it to far in the car before we fell asleep.

We want to Thank everyone for our Christmas gifts and tell you we love you very much.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

Today our Grandma DeAnn and cousins came over to bake pumpkin rolls and play with us. We had such a great time. Our Mommy put us in our Silent Night onsies that our Aunt Sylvia bought for us before we were born. Our parents don't think tonight will be a silent night though! Today was so beautiful here in St. George that when our Daddy came home from work we all went for a walk...well of course they pushed us in our stroller. Our aunt Lish sent us a big package in the mail today and we can't wait to open it and see what is inside. We have so many presents under the tree that our Mommy doesn't know where she is going to put everything. She can't believe how much room we take up already. She said her house has turned into a toy store. We have posted some pictures of our day and hope you enjoy them. Love you all, Tristan and Titan

Mommy and Tristan

Chalese and Titan

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Titan's First's...

Our Mommy let us sneak into some of our Christmas presents a little early! Our parents bought us an exersaucer and we have been having a lot of fun in it; we are able to hit the toys and stand up in our seat. This week Titan had his first mess in the bath tub... Yuck! He also had his first messy face after spitting up on Mommy's shoulder then rubbing his face in it. Our Mommy got a picture of it on her phone but doesn't know how to transfer it to the computer. It is really cute! We are making lots of noise these days, we love to coo along with our Mommy. We also have the biggest smiles you have ever seen. Our Mommy loves to capture them on her phone and send them to friends and family, so if anyone wants her to send a picture via her cell phone just let her know.
We are so excited that Santa is coming to our house tomorrow night. We have been singing "Santa's coming to town" all morning. Our Mommy is so excited to see us open our Christmas presents. She said she hopes Santa brings us lots of clothes because we are growing so fast that she can't keep up. She is also exited for her big present, Our Daddy is buying her a Jogging stroller (so she can get those last ten pounds off) for her to take us running with her. Our Mommy is ready to start teaching us sign language, we mimic her so much already that she just knows our little brains are learning new things every day. Our Mommy has been told that our "Terrible Two's" won't be so terrible if we can communicate with her using sign language.

We are looking forward to our Daddy getting half a day off tomorrow and all day off Christmas day to play with us. We over heard our Daddy telling our Mommy that one of his banks got robbed last week...I guess Santa won't be bringing the robber any presents this year, he's been Naughty!

We love you all very much and wish you the best Merry Christmas ever. HO HO HO!!! Tristan and Titan Dellos

Monday, December 14, 2009

A day with our Daddy...

Our Mommy went to Las Vegas on Saturday to visit her friend Stephanie and left us home alone with our Daddy. We had a great time although we kept Daddy very busy. When Mommy got home Daddy told Mommy he now knows how she feels, being home alone all week with us. We kept our Daddy running, in fact he was running to get us out of our crib because we were crying and he caught his toe on the couch and broke it. Our Daddy's toe is swollen and bruised, it really looks like it hurts. Our Mommy was gone for a total of 11 hours...that's 11 hours too long. She had a great time but missed us terribly.

Our Mommy was looking forward to us being three months old because we now are at the age when we can soothe ourselves. Little did she know it would be with our thumbs. Here is a picture of Titan sucking his thumb.

Here I am sticking my tongue out

Titan in our swing

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our visit with our cousins

Our visit with our Aunt Ambie, Uncle Carl and cousins was a lot of fun. They didn't get in until late Friday night so we ended up staying up way past our bedtime, leaving us very cranky the following day. On Saturday we played with our cousins when we weren't sleeping and even went to Sears for family pictures. Our cousin Carlee and Lexi loved holding us and our cousin Shae loved playing with our bottle, binky, car seat, and swing, and Zack just like restling with our Daddy, but still thought we were pretty neat. Shae would put her baby in our car seat and carry it around the house, which was very entertaining seeing how the car seat was half her size.

Our Mommy was able to get out for a little bit and do some Christmas shopping, but wasn't able to go to Chalese's birthday party because we wouldn't stop crying for our Daddy. We know we are still very little and are still trying to adjust to our schedule so we probably won't be having any more visitors for a while. It sure has been fun meeting and playing with all our family and friends and look forward to the spring when we can actually get out of the house and go places. Today is our first rainy day and so our Mommy let us sneak into one of our Christmas presents....Einstein DVD so that is what we will be doing today, staying in and watching our DVD. Hope you enjoy our pictures that were taken over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 months

Wow, we are growing up so fast! We went into the doctors office today to get our second round of shots for RSV and we weighed in at almost 13lbs each. Our Mommy and Daddy keep telling us how heavy we are getting.
This month we were given a free shipment of formula...saved our parents about $600, thanks to our local Enfamil rep. Our parents can't believe the generosity they have received this past year.

We have started the Christmas count down, only 23 more days. We are so excited to see what Santa will bring. Our Mommy put up our Christmas tree and turned on the lights for us to see just how pretty it is when it is all lit up; she even layed us under it so we could stare at the lights. We don't really have any plans for Christmas other than staying home with our parents. Our Aunt Ambie will be here this weekend though and she is bringing our 4 cousins, we can't wait to play with them. We know our cousin Shae (3) will have fun playing with us. She will probably think we are her dolls. We just hope that they can get some sleep while they are here, we don't want to scare them away forever. We are getting much better at sleeping longer through the night. On our best nights we can sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours. Our parents really like when we do that.
We don't have any pictures to post today but will take some this weekend and post them later for all to see.
Love Tristan and Titan