Monday, October 26, 2009

Now that we are getting a little older we have started what we call "play time" in our play land. It is so much fun at this age it just puts us right to sleep.

But we especially love reading time with our daddy. He is so much fun because he always laughs at us when we make funny faces and sounds. He really enjoys being our daddy.

Our mommy takes us outside for long walks in the stroller and that also puts us fast to sleep. Lately we have had such bad acid reflux that our parents are at their wits end. They have tried everything from propping our crib to changing our formula and so far nothing seems to work. We can no longer sleep in our "Boppy's" on the couch because Titan about rolled out of it onto the floor last night, which really scared mommy. We both slept in our crib last night for the first time. We now have to sleep one on each end with our heads together in the center of the crib propped up on a pillow. We cried a lot but we soon realized that our parents weren't going to fall for that trick any more. I think our parents are tired of being tired.

Friday, October 16, 2009

NICU Graduation

Today we went to our NICU Graduation...yes, we graduated. We no longer have to go back because we are doing so well. We are both over 8lbs now. The doctor called us "Chunky Monkey's". My brother Titan has a hernia on his belly button but the doctor said it's nothing to worry about and that our pediatrician will continue to monitor it. The doctor said they no longer do surgery to repair it (like they did on our Mommy's hernia 30 something years ago), THANK GOODNESS! We are going through formula and diapers like crazy, our parent's can't keep up with us. Daddy was so kind to let mommy have a full nights rest last night. I (Tristan) cried every time my daddy tried to put me down. I like to sleep in his arms where it's warm. My brother was really patient and didn't even fuss when daddy was trying to meet all my needs last night. I think we need to get another one of those "BOPPY" things cuz we like to sleep propped up in it. We have really enjoyed having our Grandma and Grandpa Tafoya here this past week and a half but they have to go back home on Sunday. We know that when they leave we won't get to be held as much because Mommy can only do so much on her own.
Mommy took a picture of us taking our first bath together last night. I think from now on we will take our baths separately until we transition into the big bath tub, it's just too much work for my parents.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Believe it or not...

I (titan) rolled over for my first time the other day when my parents weren't looking. My daddy wanted mommy to go out to the mail box with him but mommy felt she had better stay and sure enough shortly after daddy left I rolled from a vertical position in my crib to a horizontal position along the bed rail. I started to cry cause I was stuck so mommy came to my rescue. Mommy was so glad she was there and not outside. She put me in a horizontal position again when daddy came back and I showed them how I did it. I am so big now, I wonder what I'll do next. My brother hasn't rolled yet but I'm sure it won't be long.

Friday, October 9, 2009

oh so big

Our mommy took these pictures of us last night. We have grown so much that we no longer fit in our bouncer seat together. We also have to be separated when we sleep because we can't control our arms and we end up either hitting one another or sucking on each others finger, nose, head, etc.

This is a picture of our Grandpa Tafoya having tummy time with us but we all ended up falling asleep.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chow hounds...

Our new nick name from our mommy is "chow hounds" because we eat so much and are getting so big. Our mommy took us to see our pediatrician for our follow up appointment and we both gained over a pound and a half. The doctor was very surprised and said we are doing well and that babies are age typically only gain a half a pound a week. I (Tristan) weigh 7lbs 11oz and am 19 inches long...yep, I passed up my brother. Titan only weighs 7lbs 9.5oz and is 19.1 in long.

We had a great visit with our Grammy but she went back home to Colorado and now our Grandma and Grandpa Tafoya are here. Mommy put Grandpa to work in the yard, while Grandma cleans and cooks so mommy can rest. Our favorite time of the day is when daddy gets home from work. He holds us when we sleep and is always there when we fuss.

He loves to sing and read to us and he is always really good about helping mommy in the night. Mommy and Daddy are reading up on how to help us sleep longer through the night but we still like to be up every two to three hours. Mommy tries real hard to keep us on a schedule that allows her to feed one of us at a time but sometimes we wake up at the same time. Last night I woke up and wanted to be fed an hour earlier and my brother wouldn't wake up to eat so mommy didn't get any sleep. Thank Goodness our Grandparents are here to relieve her. My Grandpa helped Grandma with a feeding while mommy was a sleep and told mommy when she woke up that he now knows just how busy mommy must be when there is no help. Mommy is now able to take some time for herself now that there are more hands around to help. Mommy is looking forward to her six week check up next week so she can start exercising again.

Friday, October 2, 2009

We're Home!

Sorry we haven't blogged recently but LIFE IS CRAZY as we know it! We are keeping are parents busy but we're having lots of fun too. We were able to come home on Wednesday Sept 23rd after three long weeks in the NICU. My brother Titan pulled his own feeding tube out, which sped up the process. He figured he was big enough to eat on his own and sure enough he did. We both had to have our tongues clipped because we were killing our mommy to the point she almost gave up on the breastfeeding thing. We are a little nipple confused now between the pacifier, bottle, nipple shield, and our mommy but we are sure trying. We went to the doctors office for our first appointment on Friday. The whole way there our daddy kept telling us that he loved us and what was about to happen was for our own good, we didn't know what he was talking about until we left there with owies in our diapers. I (Tristan) left a little surprise on the doctor...he pulled my diaper off to circumcise me so I weed all down the front of him and made it look like he weed himself. My mommy was so embarrassed but couldn't help but laugh. She wished she had gotten it on tape to send it in to America's funniest home videos. Our daddy had to go back to work on Wednesday and we really miss him. He stays up with us at night and even sleeps on the couch next to us in case we wake up. Our parents put a crib in the living room as well as one in their room and in our room. We are getting used to sleeping through noise. On most days are parents feel like ZOMBIES because we haven't quite figured out our days and nights but they love us anyway. We went for a walk today in our new stroller and have posted a picture for all to see. We have our Grammy from Colorado here helping our parents which mommy appreciates because Grammy lets mommy catch up on her sleep. Next week my Grandpa and Grandma Tafoya will be here. We have lots of family scheduled to see us but Mommy said our friends will have to wait until we get bigger because the doctor told her to keep us away from lots of people until we are six months old. So for now we will keep you all posted through our blog.
Love T and T