Wednesday, November 17, 2010

14 months and growing...

Well you probably can figure out why it has been so long since we posted... Mommy is working full time now:(
We have grown in leaps and bounds since our last post. We turned one on September 3rd and for our first birthday our parents took us to Sea World and San Diego Zoo. We had a great time but were sick most of it. I think the only time our parent were able to enjoy themselves was when we were sleeping.

Due to our miserable head cold we ended our trip a little early, we really like to be home.
Since the weather has cooled down we are able to go outside more. Our mom takes us to the park just about everyday. She likes to take us in the bike trailer, which we have almost out grown.

We look forward to sharing our Holiday Season with you all... we finally have our camera fixed (Daddy dropped it while we were in San Diego)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of Turkey and Pumpkin pie:)