Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to us...

I am Titan Blake Dellos and this is my older but smaller brother Tristan Luke Dellos and we would like to share our story with you. We were born on Thursday September 3, 2009 at 10:58 and 10:59 pm. We had to come to earth a little early because our Mommy's blood pressure kept rising. We weren't scheduled to come until September 15th but we're glad we came early because my brother had a true knot in his cord. I weighed 5lbs 6 oz and my brother Tristan weighed 5lbs 3oz. We were big babies for only being 34.3 weeks. The nurses and doctors say our Mommy did a great job getting us as fat as she did. I had to wear a face mask for the first few hours of life but my brother only had to have a high flow nasal cannula. On day three I also had to be intubated so they could put surfactant in my lungs to help me breath better... I fought two nurses and a respiratory therapist even with versed on board. On day four my brother was able to be put on room air but it took me until day 5 before I got to be on room air. After we could prove that we were able to breath on our own they let us share an open crib. We like to sleep together! We both still have feeding tubes but Mommy is able to feed us her self a few times a day. The doctor said we can go home with our parents as soon as we learn to eat all of our meals from our Mommy. Our parents are now able to tell us apart. They said at first it was really hard but now we are starting to take on our own looks even though we are identical. Everyone seems to think we look like our Daddy. We have posted a few pictures so you can tell us what you think. We are keeping our parents really busy so we will try to keep you up dated on our blog as often as we can.

Love Tristan

and Titan