Thursday, March 25, 2010

Playing with Jetter....

Our cousin Chalese brought Jetter over to play with us in the back yard and boy did he like us...or maybe it was our drool he liked:)

Titan got Jetter by the nose!

Hey come back here Jetter!

Tristan didn't know what to think of Jetter.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 Month check up...

As you can see in this picture Tristan isn't very happy with Mommy because she is playing with me and not him...
Our visit to the pediatricians office today went as planned, we each got three shots and boy did they hurt. Our Daddy was caught up in a meeting and wasn't able to make it so our Mommy had to go by herself, which is hard because she can't hold us both when we cry after our shots.
Today I (Titan) weighed in at 18lbs 9oz and am 27 inches tall. My head is 44 1/2 inches round and I am in the 70th percentile. I am sitting up on my own as you can see in my picture and am a pretty mellow baby from what my parents tell me.

Tristan on the other hand weighed in at 17lbs 8oz and is 26 3/4 inches tall. His head is 1/2 inch smaller than mine at 44 inches. He is in the 58th percentile for his size. But you have to remember these numbers are for babies who are truly 6 months old, we are really only 4 1/2 months old. We are BIG boys! Tristan can sit on his own but does better if he is supported by Mommy or a boppy. He loves to squawk, jump like a frog, and smile.
We both love to play peek-a-boo, read books(eat books) and watch baby Einstein. Our Daddy took us to Target last Saturday when Mommy was working and bought us 8 new Einstein DVDs. We have just started to experience separation and stranger anxiety, we now notice when our parents leave the room and today Tristan was afraid of our doctor.
At our visit today our Doctor said we have eczema and need steroid cream. Our Mommy has noticed me scratching at my tummy but wasn't sure if that was what I was really doing. Our Doctor told our Mommy that our skin itches and it burns when she puts lotion on it. He also said it is probably the reason why we are fussy and not sleeping through the night. He said we could have benadryl to help us sleep at night. Boy is our Mommy happy about that, she can't wait to try it out tonight!
He also said we get to start eating baby cereal again. Our Mommy stopped it because she thought Tristan might be allergic to it. We will try again and see what happens.
We are looking forward to seeing our Grandma and Grandpa Tafoya this weekend and our Grammy next week. We hope the weather is nice for them so they can take us outside to play and go on walks.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back online....

Yeah! Our parents got our computer fixed so we can get back to business and tell you what we're up to. We are now six months old and taking on baby cereal. Tristan doesn't really like the taste of it but I do. My parents say that I will eat anything and that is true, but I haven't started eating my toes yet. My brother and I are starting to sit up a little on our own but topple over onto our face before too long. We recognize each other and play with each other and one of our favorite things to do is sit across from each other and blow raspberries back and forth. This past week was a bit crazy for our family. My Mommy's friend Natalie came over with her daughter Ella for a play date and Ella had a runny nose and sure enough we got one too along with sneezing, watery eyes, diarrhea, and lots of congestion. When we are sick our whole family goes without sleep. So I bet you can imagine what life was like for us and not to mention we had to make our first road trip up north for our Great Grandfathers funeral. Our Daddy actually left us and our Mommy at our Aunt Ambies house in Heber City and our Daddy went on to Wyoming for three days. We are sad that we didn't get to meet our Great Grandma and other family members but we hope to make a trip up there next year. We sure had a lot of fun playing with our cousins. The drive up there was hard on us but the drive back was a breeze. We were so tired from all the playing that we slept the whole way home. Our parents were so proud of us. It sure makes traveling much easier when we sleep most of the way.
Our parents are going to have our family pictures done for Easter and Daddy is going to buy Mommy a new camera so she can take lots of pictures of us. Once we get our new pictures we will post them.
We also wanted to tell you all that we are finally getting blessed. Yep Easter weekend we will be going up north again for a family get together and our Uncle Carl will be blessing us at his house Easter weekend for all our family to see.
We love you all and will update you next week after we see our pediatrician for our six month check up.