Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's new with T & T

We have really been enjoying the wonderful weather here in St. George. We spend a lot of time outdoors, mostly in the jogger. We went to the splash pad this morning...yes, we have to get out early before Mr. Sun gets too high in the sky; he makes things HOT around here.
We both have two bottom teeth now and when we smile you can see them every now and again. (And with teeth comes biting and we sure do enough of that too). Our Mommy said our teeth are razor sharp like shark teeth; Tristan can testify to that cuz I bit both his toes and fingers yesterday, he only cried for a little while.
Now that we are almost 8 months old and can sit up on our own, our parents let us ride in the regular stroller without our car seats. It's so much fun unless Tristan is riding in the back, he likes to poke me in the head and kick the back of my seat. Our Daddy saw him do it and couldn't help but laugh. He was able to get a picture of him doing it.

We have also been playing with all the wonderful toys our cousin Marshall has passed down to us. Here is a picture of Tristan riding the fire truck all by himself.

It is so much fun!
our favorite toys these days are the stand up toys. Our parents seem to think we are going to pass up crawling all together and just start walking. We can get up on our knees for a second but we would rather stand. We mostly roll and pivot to get from toy to toy. Maybe next month we will be crawling or maybe not:)


Cystic Fibrosis Walk...

Saturday we joined several of our friends and walked for Simon at the Great Stride Cysitic Fibrosis walk. Simon is 7 years old and a real busy body; his Mommy and our Mommy are friends. Our Mommy raised $140 in two weeks to help find a cure for Simon and many others battleing C.F., We want to give a big Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Tafoya, The Heppler's, The Hanza's, and Geri(from Dads bank) for donating and making a difference. Here is a picture of us at the walk.

It was over a 2 mile walk, therefore we worked up an appetite:)
After the walk a few of our local retail stores were there donating their time, talents, and lunch, so we stayed and played for a little while before it got too hot out.

This is Mommy and Titan playing peek-a-boo with Daddy and the camera

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tristan's First tooth...

It wasn't but three days after my brother got his first tooth that my first tooth finally came in. I hadn't been feeling all that good and now we know why, I was teething. My Mommy stuck her finger in my mouth yesterday and sure enough she felt my tooth. I can't wait for my tooth to come all the way through so I can show everyone just how cute it is.
Our Daddy bought our Mommy a new camera for Easter so you should be getting to see us more often once she figures out how to use it:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Titan's first tooth!

Yep, I have my very first tooth coming in on the bottom right side. My mommy stuck her finger in my mouth yesterday to feel it and sure enough I have a tooth. Today you can actually see it coming in. I will have my Mommy take a picture of it when it comes all the way through so you can see it. My brother doesn't have one yet but I am sure it won't be long.

The weather has been really nice so our Mommy takes us in the jogger with her when she goes running with her friends. We usually run anywhere from 4-6 miles at a time which makes for a nice nap. We also like to look around and see new things.

We had a wonderful Easter. We went over to our parent's friends house for dinner. They have four girls who just love to play with us. It was really nice for our parents to be able to relax and enjoy their friends while we played with the girls.
Thanks Grammy for the our new jammies