Thursday, February 18, 2010

what we are up to....

We are doing so much these days that our parents are absolutely amazed! The funniest thing happened the other day. My Daddy brought Titan in to our Mommy's bed where I was squawking to my Mommy and I turned to my brother and started to squawk to him and he began to cry. I guess my squawk has a bite. After that my brother learned how to squawk back. Our parents are so happy to see that we have started to play with each other. We like to arm wrestle more than anything. Now that we are big enough, we bathe in the big tub together and it is so much fun. I love to splash around but Titan just lays there as if he were at the day spa. Yesterday I was kicking and splashing so hard that I actually kicked the drain and boy did that hurt. I couldn't stop crying.
Some of the things we like to do is sing songs, play peek-a-boo with our Mommy and duck, duck, goose with our Daddy. We have two new Johnny Jumpers and as much as I love to jump my brother actually enjoys it more than me. My Grandma calls me a little frog because I can't sit still. I practically jump out of my Mommy's lap. We have so many new toys that we are playing with. We love the ball that rolls around when we push it's buttons, the dog that sings and most of all our baby Mozart DVD. We are learning to sit up on our own but which ever comes first spiting up or tipping over quickly puts an end to that.
We are looking forward to our 6 month appointment with our pediatrician so we can start eating baby food.
Our computer has a virus so it will be down for a while so we won't be posting until after our 6 month appointment. We will also be able to post some pictures for you but until then....we love you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 months old

Sorry, once again we are late posting, our computer got a virus and our Daddy has been working like mad to fix it.
Yes, we are 5 months old...can you believe it? Our Mommy moved our crib into our room and we take turns sleeping in it. We also have a crib in our Mommy's room. Our Mommy and Daddy got to sleep in the same bed together for half the night last night and then it was off to the "ice box" for Daddy once I (Titan) woke up for my 1am feeding. My brother likes to sleep on his tummy but I like to sleep on my back propped up on a pillow and of course we prefer our parents bed over our crib. We are making all kinds of noise these days. In fact my Mommy calls my brother "Squawk box". He is always squawking! We are rolling over occasionally and we love to hold things in our hands. We still drool a ton and have to have our shirts changed regularly. We have even developed a small rash under our chins from all the drool. We have gone on several walks lately because the weather has been so nice, the furthest has been 4 miles. On Friday our Mommy left us for about 10 hours so she could drive up north to see our Auntie Sylvia get married. She sure misses us when she's gone but our Daddy loves to have us all to himself every now and then. On Sunday we celebrated our Daddy's 36th birthday. Our Mommy bought him some weights so he can get big and strong again, I guess we just aren't quite heavy enough to give him a work out:) Our Mommy is looking forward to Valentines day and is hoping Daddy will take her out on a date.
We have posted a picture of us wrestling and will try to post more next month once our computer is all fixed.
We love you all....Have a Happy Valentines day!